Ryo Fujimura

Name: Fujimura Given name: Ryo

Birthday: 24.feb.
Born in: Saitama, Japan
Astrological Sign: Pisces/Poissons
Blood type: O
Particularity: Perfect pitch


Ryo Fujimura started to play the piano at the age of three, and had a long experience with this instrument. At the age of 17, he started to practise the guitar, and switched to the 7-strings guitar two years after. He created the band AciD FLavoR at the same period. The band released two albums (Speed-BALL and Next Story), several maxi-singles, and joined in 2006 the major company EMI Japan. Leader of the band, Ryo Fujimura wrote all the lyrics and music for AciD FlavoR’s albums and singles.

In 2008, AciD FLavoR started its career in European countries, and joined the same year the main event Japan Expo in Paris. AciD FlavoR split up in 2010.

Ryo Fujimura, as a solo artist, choose to start his activity in both Japan and Europe back in 2008. A first instrumental maxi-single was released in October 2008. The second one, with vocals, was released in February 2009. Ryo Fujimura had his first European Solo Tour early 2009, and played both electric and acoustic shows (piano, guitar, vocal). In 2011, Ryo Fujimura released a mini album called Artifice and had concerts all over Europe.

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