Liquid Boy

Liquid Boy’s music is rock, electro-blues, Glam, and new wave, with just a touch of 80’s pop. Raw guitar riffs with electric vocals and synths, Liquid Boy’s music is eclectic, original and full of soul. Eiji aka, Liquid Boy, has spent more than 9 years honing his skills as a vocalist and guitar player performing in the UK, Europe, Japan and America. Eiji formed his band F.Size.Free in 2002 with Kayo on drums and Naoki on bass. In 2004 F.Size.Free released their first album, Righty Right. Soon after, in 2005 the well-known powerhouse gaming company Konami selected their song « Charisma” for the 12th installment of the video arcade game Pop’n Music. With CD sales and fans growing steadily, F.Size.Free ‘s song « New People » was selected for the 13th installment of Pop’n music. When Konami released the consumer game of the same franchise for the Play Station 2, both songs were included.

In 2005 Eiji played guitar for Kinya Kotani’s opening song and single, “Blaze”, for the anime Tsubasa Chronicle. Lesley Smith of Anime Fringe described « Blaze » as « an upbeat example of J-pop at its finest », and the song went on to rank 19th on the Oricon singles chart and remained on the chart for five weeks in a row while Eiji appeared on NHK music programs for promotion. That same year Eiji played guitar again for Kinya Kotani’s opening song “ Aeriel “ for Tsubasa Chronicle the Movie: The Princess of the Country of Birdcages. Continuing in this vein of music, Eiji lent his guitar skills and performed for Yuna Ito’s song, “Endless Story” for the movie NANA. Due to the song’s success, Eiji performed on TV ASAHI’s « Music Station » with Yuna Ito. Eiji continued F.Size.Free as a solo project handling guitar, programming and vocals. In 2010 he gave his first U.S. performance in Los Angeles at an event organized by Tune in Tokyo, then for New Year’s Eve in Chicago for MadHatter Magazine. It was after the event in Chicago that Eiji created Liquid Boy, a new chapter in his musical life.




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